Retirement Living Amenities and Services

ClubhouseMorningsideofCollegeparkIndianapolisIN resizedFinancial Advantages

-     No buy-in endowment or entrance fee 
-     Month-to-month lease with only
-     All utilities included           
-     30-day notice and no penalties
-     Free local telephone service     
-     Free basic TV cable service
Health Care and Safety
-     24-Hour emergency call system     
-     24-Hour on-site staffing
-     Assisted Living Program      
-     Professional, on-site management
-     State-of-the-Art exercise equipment     
-     Hot tub
-     Located just minutes from St. Vincent Hospital     
-     Boxing-for-Balance Exercise Program and medical offices
-     Safety-equipped bathrooms     
-     Smoke detectors in each apartment
-     Weekly, free blood pressure checks

      Three Chef-prepared meals served daily     

-     Lovely Brass Rose Dining Room
-     Private Dining Room available to reserve
      for an intimate meal with families and friends     
-     Complimentary coffee and juice bar
-     Meals with your family and friends     
-     Catering services available*
Included with Apartments
-      Fire- and sound-resistant apartments     
-      Individual storage rooms
-      Individually-controlled heating and air conditioning     
-      Private patio or covered balcony
-      Fully-equipped kitchens     
-      Window blinds provided
-      Lake views available     
-      Garages available*
-      Walk-in showers and tubs with shower     
-      Pets permitted*
Other Easy Living Features
-      Located in a residential neighborhood   
-      Complimentary laundry rooms
-      Complimentary housekeeping services     
-      Complimentary flat laundry services
-      Chauffeur and valet service     
-      Beauty salon
-      Located within two blocks of major groceries and other shopping  
-      Dry cleaning services available*
-      Plant room and garden plots available     
-      Prescription delivery to apartments
-      Newspaper delivered to your door*     
-      Free copy and local fax service
-      Postage scale and stamps available*     
-      Three easy-access elevators
-      Individual locked mailboxes
Social Services
-          Full-time social director           
-     Fully Stocked and updated Library
-          Chapel for Friday Jewish Sabbath and 
      Sunday Vesper services           
-     Free Computer and Internet access    
-     Planned social calendar of games, crafts,
      concerts, outside trips, parties and much more!
-     Beautiful courtyard and gazebo with lakeside views               
-     Red Hat Society chapter            
-     Movie theater with movies shown twice daily     
-     Phone-friendly monthly newsletter and community Facebook page
*Additional charges

Morningside Announces Assisted Living

Morningside of College Park now provides assisted living services to give the extra help sought by seniors. This allows them to remain as independent and self sufficient as long as possible.

Assisted Living Services

Services provided under our Assisted Living Program can include but not be limited to:
  • Assistance with dining (helping you get to and from the dining room, assisting with your tray or food, etc.)
  • Assistance with bathing (helping you get in and out of the shower or tub, helping you to soap your washcloth, wash your back, etc.)
  • Assistance with dressing (helping you dress or undress—helping you choose your clothes, put on your clothes, your shoes, etc.)
  • Assistance with grooming (helping you comb your hair, put on deodorant, jewelry, shave, etc.)
  • Assistance with toileting (helping you to and from the toilet, with your undergarments, etc.) This can also include toileting reminders so that you do not have accidents
  • Assistance with mobility and safety (helping you get up and down from sitting, in and out of bed, to and from locations within the building, etc.—especially if you have balance issues and are afraid of falling)
  • Assistance with medication reminders (helping you get your pill boxes open, reminding you to take your medicine, etc.)
  • Assistance with housekeeping and/or laundry (helping to straighten your apartment daily, wash dishes, take out the trash, wash and dry or iron your personal laundry, etc.)
  • More . . . any of those little things you would like assistance with, but have no one to help


Currently, fees for our assisted living program are based on an evaluation process. Each resident interested in participating in the program is evaluated to determine what and how much help they need. Based upon this assessment, residents will be scored under Level 1, through Level 3 as described below. 

Level 1: Assistance provides some basic services—for example: helping a resident get up and dressed each morning and receive medication reminders.
Level 2: Assistance provides for increased services—for example: helping a resident with his/her bath or shower, grooming, dressing and medication reminders.
Level 3: Assistance provides optimum services for Morningside residents and may include any of the services listed above.

For further information, please contact one of our Community Consultants at Morningside of College Park by calling (317) 872-4567.

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